Necklace with crown chakra and tassel

Necklace with crown chakra and tassel


The unique chakra jewellery collection designed by yogini Kasia Bem is all about your spiritual stride.The high-minded symbolism of lotus flower and seven chakras will remind you about being happy and fulfilled in life. It’s up to you which chakra’s spiritual energy you harness: well-being, joy, love, strength, communication, intuition or consciousness. Be happy. Here and now.

Gold-pleated silver necklace with Crown Chakra pendant and lilac tassel. Clasp with attached Mokobelle tag pendant and small lotus pendant.

Crown chakra: Sahasrara
Express: ,,I know”
Strenghts: awareness, wisdom, spiritual awakening 
Lotus petals: 1000
Color: lilac

Length of the necklace: approx. 40 cm
925 sterling silver plated with 24-carat gold

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