How to order

How to order

The following information does not constitute the Terms and Conditions of the shopping nor a part thereof.

1. How to place the order?

  1. You can make purchases in the Online Shop after a one-time registration which is completed by filling in and accepting the registration form. Registration is not necessary to place orders in the Online Shop. However, the registration will help us create your personal Customer Account which will give you access to additional features that will save you time when placing subsequent orders.
  2. Login and password (at least 6 characters) chosen during the registration will be later used to log in the Customer Account in the Online Shop.
  3. To place the order you need to fill in required fields in the order form and follow all steps of purchase which will be displayed on the screen during your visit to the Online Shop. While placing the order choose the items from the Online Shop and click on “Add to the basket”. Next, make sure all items you chose are placed in the Basket and click on “Go to payment”. Finally, confirm your choice by clicking “Order with obligation to pay”.
  4. While ordering some of the Mokobelle products you may (or sometimes you need to) use additional options offered by the Online Shop, such as: choose the stone, type and colour of the pendant, colour of the chain/thread and choose the size of the item. These options are included on the website of the Online Shop.
  5. If you registered in our Online Shop in order to create the Customer Account, data given upon the registration will be automatically transferred to the order form. If you wish the product you chose to be sent to a different address than the one you indicated during the registration, uncheck the field “Delivery to this address” and fill the proper fields with the address you want it to be shipped to.
  6. When we receive your order form we will send you a message confirming that we accepted your order (agreement conclusion confirmation) to the e-mail address you chose. The e-mail will also include the order number and the information which we are obliged to share with you according to Art. 12, section 1 of the Act on consumer rights.

2. Can I change the order after I have added the items to the Basket?

Yes, of course. You can edit the Basket by removing chosen items or changing their amount.

3. How can I pay for the ordered items?

You can pay for the ordered items using one of the following methods:

  • regular or online bank transfer to the Seller’s bank account: ING Bank Śląski S.A., account number: 25105010251000009080000277, 7stones Sp. z o.o., ul. Dominikańska 21B, 02-738 Warsaw;
  • credit card payment – Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard;
  • online payment – Dotpay – for orders with delivery in Poland;
  • online payment – PayPal – for orders with delivery outside Poland;
  • payment on delivery – available exclusively for orders to locations in Poland.

In case you choose to pay by bank transfer, remember to put your name, surname and the order number in the title of the transfer.

4. What are the terms of delivery of goods and order fulfilment time?

Delivery of purchased goods is made to locations in Poland as well as outside its territory. Your order will be shipped to the address you indicated in the registration form in order to create the Customer Account, unless you indicate another shipping address during the purchase. In case you make purchase without prior registration the goods will be shipped to the address you indicate in the order form.

If your order to a location in Poland, the goods will be delivered to you within 7 business days following the day we received your payment. If you choose to pay in cash (payment on delivery) the goods will be delivered to you within 7 business days following the day on which you received the e-mail confirming we accepted your order.

Delivery to locations in Poland is carried out by DHL courier. You will receive the information about the shipping via e-mail. The courier shall deliver the parcel within 2 business days following the shipping day. In case you are absent at the time of delivery to the indicated address, the courier shall leave advice note. The courier may contact you about the delivery but it is not his duty to do so.

Delivery within the European Union is carried out by DHL courier to the address indicated in the order or to the selected DHL Parcel Shop. Delivery outside the European Union is carried out exclusively by UPS courier.

Time of delivery beyond the Polish borders depends on the country of delivery. To check the approximate time of delivery contact us at:

5. What are the delivery costs I need to pay?

Delivery cost in Poland is 14 zlotys in case you pay for the goods online (e-transfer) or via bank transfer and 16,50 zlotys if you choose to pay in cash while receiving the goods (payment on delivery).

If the price of the item or items you order in the Online Shop exceeds 400 zlotys (single order), shipping to locations in Poland is free.

If you pay for the goods online (e-transfer) or via bank transfer, you need to add the delivery cost to the price of the goods. Of course you do not pay for delivery if you decide to personally collect the purchased goods as it is indicated hereunder in point 6.

In case of shipment outside Poland the delivery cost is calculated individually based on the estimated weight of the package and the country of destination.

6. Can I collect the goods personally? How?

You can personally collect purchased goods at Mokobelle boutique in Warsaw, Wilcza street 3 (the entrance on Mokotowska street 54) during the opening times (Mon.-Fri. 11:00-19:00, Sat. 11:00-16:00) or Mokobelle Boutique in Galeria Mokotów, first floor, unit No. B 1614, Wołoska street 12, 02-675 Warsaw during the opening times (Mon.-Sat. 10:00-22:00, Sun. 10:00-21:00), depending on the collection place chosen during the order placement. The goods can be collected after 5 business days following the moment we received the payment. If you choose to pay by cash (payment on delivery), the goods can be collected after 5 business days after you receive the e-mail confirming your order acceptance. You will be informed by e-mail when the goods are ready to collect.

Is it possible to change the delivery option after I place the order?

No, after choosing the method of delivery you cannot change it.