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Your styling lacks a pinch of boldness? Help is on the way! Trust us… Thanks to our necklace you will look stunning even in a plain cardigan.

We put our hearts and souls into designing women’s jewellery. Each pattern comes into life after many long hours of work, because for our designers they are little pieces of art.

In this category you will find handmade necklaces in many versions and with different patterns. The basis are chains (925 sterling silver, gold-plated silver, oxidised silver), natural gemstones and pendants. They are fastened with a carabiner clasp. Each clasp comes with the Mokobelle tag pendant. You don’t know which model to choose? Follow our hint.

If you’re looking for a subtle and discreet accessory to wear right under your neck, go classic and minimalistic – choose a model in real gold with a horizontally attached pendant (e.g. heart or star) or a necklace with a small gold-plated silver pendant – it will shimmer on your neck and timidly tempt with its shine. It’s a perfect choice for everyday stylings – e.g. with a white office shirt or a plain t-shirt. Of course you can also wear them for evening occasions, for instance with a little black dress. Such an accessory is a must-have for every trendy woman. It will be your talisman and you won’t be able to take it off.

Do you want to say goodbye to boredom? Pick a trendy Mokobelle maxi-necklace or wear a couple of more delicate models together. It’s the quintessence of the boho style. If you’re not convinced, choose one necklace, silver or gold-plated – depending on your style, and it will definitely be enough to transform a plain styling and refresh your look.

When designing women’s jewellery we treasure individualism which means that our sets can be modified – some of them can be 5 cm shorter. For your request we can also change gems and pendants.

Our necklaces are made from semi-precious gemstones (mainly onyxes, jades, moonstones and labradorites) and precious gemstones such as rubies and sapphires. We match them with silver, gold-plated or oxidised elements. Our pendants include hamsa hand, openwork rosettes in different sizes, feathers and tassels made from chains or silk threads. They will make you look fabulous no matter what occasion – in a summer dress, and in the colder evenings – with oversize jumpers. Our suggestion: when you’re on a beach on holidays use the jewellery to expose your sun-kissed back and beautifully tailored dress. The wow factor is guaranteed!

Decide for yourself which Mokobelle necklace expresses your style the best. If you can’t find your dream pattern in our offer, contact us. We will design a true “jewel” for you.