Care Instructions


Take care of your jewellery and remember about a few important rules:

  • avoid contact of gold-plated elements with water, cosmetics, detergents and chlorine
  • once in a while polish the silver and gold with a special cloth - using products not intended for silver or gold can damage your jewellery!
  • if you are not wearing the jewellery, keep it in a box on in a bag. This will prevent it from darkening or being damaged.

Original Mokobelle jewellery cared for in an appropriate way will last for many years to come. Take advantage of our advice to make your favourite necklace, bracelet or earrings look impeccable for as long as possible.

Silver is a rather soft and elastic material. In order to maintain its shine and prevent darkening it should be regularly polished with a special cloth or suitable liquids. Darkening of silver is not a manufacturing defect but a natural chemical process that takes place between the jewellery and the external environment. Oxidation is the coating of silver and its darkening over time is considered as natural wear.

We have similar recommendations for you when using gold-plated jewellery. The 0,5 micron gold plating we use is a surface coating of silver and its abrasion over time is also a natural process. Its contact with water, moisture, cosmetics, detergents and other chemical substances has an influence on faster abrasion of gold plating or even darkening of the gold-plated layer.
Also some people’s natural ph of the skin reacts with the jewellery and causes it to darken. 

We give you a 6-month GUARANTEE which does not cover mechanical damage and not applying to our Care Instructions.

Remember that every time, after individual consultation and valuation, we can repair, refresh or replace individual elements of your Mokobelle jewellery to make it look as good as new!